CQREER Service Platform

The Poly-Grames Research Center makes its personnel, facilities, and manufacturing and measurement equipment available to the industrial and academic community through the “Quebec Research Center for Radiofrequency Research, Expertise, and Testing” (CQREER) service platform.

CQREER provides the following services:

  1. Fabrication and machining of mechanical parts, including laser microfabrication and 3D machining with our CNC machines.
  2. Microwave circuit fabrication, including single-layer, multilayer, 3D circuits, and MHMIC technology.
  3. Clean room circuit fabrication using our Class 100 facilities.
  4. Antenna measurements from 4GHz to 110 GHz with a compact range system.
  5. Near-field measurements from 800MHz to 6 GHz.
  6. Antenna measurements from 110 GHz to 750 GHz.
  7. Circuit characterization using our vector network analyzers (VNA), allowing measurements up to 1.1THz including a 10MHz to 120GHz single sweep VNA.
  8. Probe station-based circuit characterization with automatic, manual, and cryogenic capabilities.
  9. Fundamental load-pull measurements up to 110 GHz and harmonic measurements up to 18 GHz.
  10. MIMO antenna characterization.
  11. A variety of RF laboratory equipment, including RF generators, spectrum and signal analyzers, Power meters, power supplies, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and more.

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